John Lynn's Black Belt Academy Reviews!

This is the best thing I have ever done, I love this place, the instructors are brilliant and everyone is lovely and helpful, I really look forward to my nights here I love it big THANK YOU to Renshai Mark and Olivia

Lorraine Jones

My son has started lessons here about 2 months ago. I wish he had the courage to join sooner. It is the best thing he has done for his confidence and it has really given him an interest besides youtube and computer games. I have never seen him so enthusiastic to do anything and he can’t wait for karate night. The instructors are excellent and he adores Mark. He is his idol!

Diane Jones

What a fantastic family to be a part of. My son joined In July 2018 and we have seen his confidence, fitness, discipline, and technique to name but a few improvements over the last year.
The support, care, and attention Reece receives from Mark, Olivia, Fiona and Paul are outstanding coupled with the support of his fellow kickboxers has encouraged him to flourish and succeed. We highly recommend John Lyn’s Martial Arts.

Gemma Louise

Learn karate, good workouts, strength, core, cardio, balance. Sparring, speed, agility, flexibility. Very good self defense techniques. All ages different classes, I’m enjoying it!

Rob Stephen

This place is no.1 for me without a shadow of a doubt!

I joined kickboxing with John Lynn's Martial Arts at the start of this year (January/February) & I couldn't be happier! Especially after completing by 2nd grading & gaining my orange belt! 
I have learned confidence, stamina, self-defense & development & awareness while building up my fitness. Alongside that, I've made new friends and becoming a part of a growing & great team who are like family.

Kaylee Gyde

Awesome academy that I would highly recommend whatever your goal, this place is the highlight of my week, every week. The instructors are friendly, welcoming, enthusiastic, always positive and very informative, the other students are a great bunch and we always have a laugh whilst working hard and releasing the week's frustrations! If your looking to improve your fitness, lose weight, increase confidence whilst enjoying the journey, this is the place for it.

Marcus Jenkins

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

One of the best things I have ever done was join John Lynn's Karate Academy nearly 5 years ago. It is part of my life now.

Jane M.

Highly recommend for anyone looking into learning martial arts or just wanting some good old fashioned cardio exercise. You are made to feel completely welcome from the get-go by the instructors and students. Plenty of support is offered to create great habits of incorporating martial arts into a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Does wonders in helping anyone with confidence, concentration and daily focus. Mark, Olivia, Paul and Fiona do great jobs helping students become the best versions of themselves.

Gazzy John Lea Bright

What a great karate academy! Nice people and nice students I love going there and I've come soo far. It’s helped control my autism and ADHD thank you to everyone there for not giving up on me!!!

Jazzie Jones

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

Always wanted to do kickboxing filled in the form on line received phone call the same night went to the taster lessons and have not looked back welcoming academy instructors always make sure the sessions are full of learning and fun would highly recommend See you next session Oosaaahh

Christine M.

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

10/10, This is a great academy for martial arts, fun and fitness. I've been here since I was 5 years old and can say I haven't looked back since, not only has this academy improved my martial arts skills and fitness but it has improved my confidence, manners, respect and many other important skills in life which has helped me become the person I am today. I have also seen great improvement in myself since joining the academy and in many of my fellow students. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for the guidance from a great team of instructors in this academy who are very welcoming and always there to help and I am fortunate enough to say I am part of this team and fantastic academy!

Adam J.

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

My Daughter and son started here at the beginning of August, did there first grading yesterday and loved it. My children enjoy coming to karate every week. They have improved a lot in the last few months, there more confident and do more at home, can see there personalities really coming out aswel which I love. Wanna say thank you two every one in the academy keep up the good work guys xx

Sarah B.

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

We attended a Nerf Party here and it was awesome! Very warm welcome and made the group of young people feel very welcome. The young people I was with thoroughly enjoyed it as did us staff! Great experience would highly recommend, suitable for a variety of ages. Lots of friendly fun!

Lizzy M.

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

Life changing! Our 10 year old daughter started at John Lynne's BBA in Colwyn Bay in April 2016 to try and help build her confidence. It's only been 2 months and we can all see a positive noticeable change in her already. She says it herself how much more confident she feels. All of the staff are very welcoming and great with the kids and adults alike. Not only do they teach Karate but it also keeps them fit, healthy and teaches them self discipline. Then to top it off, its a great opportunity to make lots of new friends. We highly recommend John Lynne's BBA.

Sami C.

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

Both my children go and love it. The instruction is delivered to them with a great deal of enthusiasm and professionalism, which the kids love. As well as style and technique the also work on personal development which has builds on then child's self confidence. I would sign up too if I could make the classes.

Karl J.

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

JLBBA is the best kickboxing program around! I highly recommend it. Everyone is friendly and very welcoming. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and give the class an extra boost with there upbeat positive highly enthusiastic personalities. The classes are an awesome workout, so much fun and always different. Not only have I improved my fitness, flexibility and strength, my confidence has increased lots. I`m totally addicted and can`t get enough!

Hannah C.

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

Exactly what I was looking for. Since joining I have become alot fitter and got in better shape which was what I wanted but at the same time improved flexibility, balance, reaction time, self defense and alot more. The mental side is brilliant to, great form of stress relief, brilliant morals to live by and nothing feels better than when you have had a bad day and you go to training, get a load of "your awsome" and high fives from everyone

Adam O.

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

Fantastic place to train, no matter your age or starting ability.
I've been training for almost 14 years now and have trained in a few places, this is the best and most welcoming academy by far!!

Garth W.

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

My daughter has attended for 3 weeks now and has thoroughly enjoyed her experience so far . Staff are dedicated ,caring and enthusiastic are willing to help and assist with any issues . I have found this to be an invititing and pleasant dojo highly recommend.

Lisa O.

Kids Martial Arts Abergele

If you're into fitness, fun and fancy getting some solid self defence moves under your belt, then this place is for you. I've trained here for four years, as have my kids and we all absolutely love the atmosphere, the varied lesson planning and commitment of the sensei's to develop your ability, fitness and self-confidence. Very convenient location in Colwyn Bay next to the theatre and a few options in the week to get your classes in. Try it!

Alex B.

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